Burglars Steal Christmas From Oklahoma City Family

Thursday, December 8th 2011, 11:23 pm

Black-hearted burglars steal Christmas from an Oklahoma City family right from under the tree.

The family says they were just gone for about an hour and a half Thursday night when the burglars jimmied open the back door.

Chris and Mikia Winston's Northwest Oklahoma City home is the only one on the block with Christmas lights. The family just moved here three and a half months ago.

But when they came home from work they found someone had come into their house, opened the presents under the tree and took what they wanted.

They also stole a wedding ring and an X-box from the children's room.

The couple has three boys and have been working five jobs between the two of them to make this Christmas special.

"To see pictures of little kids all over the place and you just stole from our children, you know, it's not right to do it to anybody but to kids, it's really wrong," said Mikia Winston.

"It's horrible man, it's something you work so hard for and want to do so much for your kids and then somebody just comes and rips it away from you," said Chris Winston.

The Winstons say they don't have the money to replace the gifts.

The couple says they do have serial numbers from many of the gifts so they are hoping that will help catch the thieves.