Woman Accused Of Pushing Husband Out Window To Be Released On Bond

Tuesday, December 13th 2011, 6:30 pm
By: News 9

Tara Vreeland, News 9

TULSA, Oklahoma -- Amber Hilberling is accused of pushing her husband out a 25th story window. She will soon be free from jail but was put under house arrest Tuesday.

Hilberling was arrested two weeks ago and jailed after she failed to charge her ankle monitor and violated curfew.

The judge lectured Hilberling on being responsible saying, "You will have no more trouble with that. None."

Amber Hilberling's family hugged outside the courtroom Tuesday afternoon - relieved that the young woman would be released from jail again, after nine days.

It's a different picture from when Hilberling's bond was revoked December 1, and she was arrested.

Prosecutors say Hilberling failed to charge her ankle monitor at least 10 times, so the court had no idea where she was. Her mother, Rhonda Whitlock says they knew exactly where she was - once was in the hospital where Hilberling was seeking treatment for depression, but the nurse wouldn't let her use the charger because of the danger the long cord posed to other patients.

"She's sitting in a place she doesn't need to be, all because she decided to get help for being sad," Rhonda Whitlock said. "And was punished because of that."

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On December 5, Hilberling and her mother were in tears as the judge ordered her back to jail after her motion for bond wasn't filed in time.

The judge lectured Hilberling saying he's had people mess up curfew, GPS and not tell court services where they are -- but never all of those in one case.

He told the defendant, "You are in my hands now. You will stay in custody if we have any more problems."

Hilberling was placed under house arrest. She will again have to wear an ankle monitor. The judge told Hilberling that she is only to leave her home for medical appointments, work and court appearances. She is allowed 30 minutes travel time.

The judge also told her that she is not being made special and will not be treated differently. Hilberling quietly responded to the judge "yes, sir."

"We're happy she's going to go home," said Jasen Corns, Hilberling's attorney. "Her baby needs her. She misses her baby. That's where mama belongs is at home with her little boy."

Hilberling was seven months pregnant when her husband, Josh, went out a 25-story window to his death. She was charged with his murder and has since given birth to his son.

Hilberling's bond was set at $250,000. She is scheduled to go to trial August 20, 2012.