The Baby's Room

Thursday, December 15th 2011, 5:10 pm
By: News 9

The baby's room is coming together. Slowly, but surely! When I saw this dresser, I loved it. I just have never seen anything quite like it. And there's a reason why. While I bought it from a locally owned store, they get it from somewhere overseas and it won't be here until February (please little baby, don't come early!). But we liked it so much we decided to get it anyway. So the "theme" if you will of the room will be vintage toy. We've gone to antique shops around here and have picked up a few things. We have blocks, cast iron toys as book ends, a model ferris wheel, and a few other things (including a gumball machine - which we'll strategically place away from the baby - but close enough for us parents!).

But I needed some shelves for all the stuff. I wanted them distressed so it would match the dresser. I've already knocked out one and I'm about to work on the other. I love the Internet! I had no idea how to distress until I googled it. It turns out, it's pretty easy. You paint your base coat (2 coats), then rub wax from a candle over it where you want it to look distressed. Paint over that with your top coat (twice) and then get out the sandpaper. The waxed part will start to come off when you rub it with the sandpaper. 

The Baby's Room

We also found an old game we're going to hang on the wall. I distressed the frame of this, too. The red color will be an accent color in the room. We have a distressed red mirror going over the dresser/changing table and a red distressed lamp table to go by the rocker.

The next project will be for Nick. We just got the call our crib has come in. I hear those are a pain to put together. I'll document it with video and share soon!