OKC Soldier's Car Stolen While Visiting Family For Christmas

Monday, December 26th 2011, 5:42 pm
By: News 9

Chris McKinnon, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- An Army Reservist visiting his parents for Christmas ended up being the victim of a car theft. He says his first visit home in a year was ruined when his Honda Civic was stolen right out of the driveway.

Christmas morning was supposed to be merry at the Rushings' house. Their son was home for the first time in a year with a break from college and his role as an Army Reserve Medic. Instead, a thief ruined the day.

Michael Rushing woke up to find his son's car was stolen right from their driveway.

"It's kind of disgusting," said Michael Rushing. "That people want to mess things up for everybody else. I woke up the next morning and I look outside and his car is gone."

The car was a 1994 Honda Civic Hatchback. It had rims with purple lug nuts and a spoiler on the back. Michael Rushing says it's a good car for his son to get around in. His son, Sandy, re-built the car over several years.

"It's an unmistakable car," said Sandy. "It even had my U.S Veterans tags on it from Kansas. It said that I was a veteran that I was in the military."

Monday afternoon, while Sandy Rushing sat stranded in the Kansas City airport waiting for a ride, he explained it would be difficult to buy a new car since he has little time between school and the military.

"I've got drill and stuff like that so it's going to be really tight to try and find a care," said Sandy. "For the insurance company and get back to me and try to find a car in such a short amount of time."

Still, the car was the least of his concerns. Sandy was more worried about the well-being and safety of his family.

"I'm more upset that, you know, my father, he's also a vet and he's got some stuff and he was really upset and feels really unsafe in his place," explained Sandy. "That's a lot of my concern."

Michael and his wife raised their three sons in the same house the car was stolen from. He said the neighborhood near NW 27th and McArthur has changed over the years. It has become progressively worse and there have been more recent crimes around the area.