Weeden, Blackmon Breakdown Stanford

Thursday, December 29th 2011, 2:42 pm
By: News 9

The Oklahoma State Cowboys are five days away from playing in its first BCS Bowl game, and Thursday afternoon quarterback Brandon Weeden and receiver Justin Blackmon took some time to talk with the media about their preparation thus far.

The quarterback-receiver duo has been a big portion of the Cowboys offensive success this season which puts them in the forefront of Stanford's mind.

One thing many have wondered about is if the Cowboys will change up their offense at all to try and throw off the Stanford defense, but players say it's business as usual on the OSU offensive front.

"I think pretty much do what you do and do it pretty well. Just add wrinkles to different looks to offset them," said quarterback Brandon Weeden. "You've got to focus on what you are doing and do it well."

Both Weeden and Blackmon remind themselves of the basics of football when going at the Stanford defense.

"I think the basics are taking care of the football. Blocking, all the stuff we have so much time to prepare," said Weeden. "Those are the things we focus on the last two, three weeks."

Blackmon pointed more toward Stanford's physicality as a challenge.

"One, they are very physical. They are always in the right spot at the right time. They hustle real hard and get up field and come back and make a tackle chasing down the field. They are real physical and also they run a lot of man," said Blackmon.

"That's one thing that stuck out to me, me being a receiver," added Blackmon. "I'm always looking at the coverages. They run some man. And that's something we really don't see too much of."

The Cowboys quarterback also shared what he thought was one of their biggest challenges in facing the Cardinal.

"Going back to the coverages, they play so many different coverages," said Weeden. "They are doing a good job of that. They are well coached, play hard. They are a really good football team."

Even though the Cowboys missed the cut for the nation's No. 2 team, OSU is still out to prove they are making strides and here to stay.

"I think so (there's something to prove). That's any time you step on the field. You want to prove you are one of the best teams in the country," said Weeden. "When you are going up against a team like Stanford that has been solid all year long, it is good for us to show where we fit in the country."

"Any time you play a team with the talent they have, it is a challenge," said Weeden. "It is about us taking care of the football.

Oklahoma State and Stanford will kick off Jan. 2 at 7:30 p.m.