Zip Lines, Rope Trails In The Works For OKC Boathouse District

Tuesday, January 3rd 2012, 12:14 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

High-flying adventures are coming to the Oklahoma City Boathouse District. Mike Knopp, Executive Director for the Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation, gave city council members a presentation on the newest developments Tuesday morning.

You can look for more construction just a little bit to the east on the Oklahoma River. But this won't cause you any headaches, unless you're afraid of heights.

Tuesday, the Boathouse Foundation presented a plan for a $6 million ropes course and a zip line that will send you sailing over the river and back several stories in the air.

At first glance, it certainly doesn't look like a ropes course that typically sends you flying from treetop to treetop in a Belize rainforest. But the folks at the Boathouse Foundation insure one will be no less adventurous.

"You're gonna zip 700 feet across the river," Mike Knopp said.

Mike Knopp says the new facility, dubbed the sky trail, will offer an urban adventure for those who dare to work their way through the course, four or five stories in the air.

"A pretty exciting adventure going over ropes and nets, and jumping and climbing, very active and fitness orientated activity, but a lot of high adventure elements to it as well," Knopp said.

On the heels of the opening of the Chesapeake finish line tower, the Devon boathouse, and the Whitewater center in the future, Knopp says the Sky Trail will continue to capitalize on the momentum of the boathouse district.

The idea came as they were looking for a new element to go along with the health and fitness concept of the district.

"What's the next step, what's a very unique feature that we don't have in Oklahoma City," Knopp said.

The sky tower will be paid for by private donations, no tax dollars, and will be open to the public.

A mountain bike course is also in the works for the district.

The folks at the boathouse district plan to get started on the project this year with one of the elements complete by the end of the year.

"The Sky Trail will be a complex system of ropes that you can work your way through and will extend to four or five stories," Knopp said.

The Sky Trail and zip line will be anchored by a youth pavilion, which will include classrooms for youth programs.

The Sky Trail is projected to open in Fall 2012. The zip line will open shortly after.