At 34 Weeks... And "Freaking Out!"

Wednesday, January 11th 2012, 11:54 am
By: News 9

Before I get to that, I just want to thank everyone for helping me with the baby's name. I didn't quite realize how hard it would be to settle on something. But after much discussion at the dinner table, Nick and I have settled on a name we love. Our little boy will be "Gage." Now, we just need to figure out the middle name, which will come - and hopefully soon.

Which leads me to the freaking out point! Blame it on my friends. It seems now that I've hit the 34 week mark, I'm hearing "horror" stories of how my little guy could come any day now. Doesn't he know I have way to much stuff to get done before he comes?!

Part of that could be because I've caught the "nesting bug." Last weekend, I organized my closet completely. I figure I won't have any time for that once the little guy comes. But this is probably over the top: I found myself last night ironing, yes ironing, baby clothes. I don't even iron my own clothes most of the time. But I washed what clothes we've received to get them ready and some had wrinkles. I'm almost certain this will be the only time I actually iron his clothes, but they look so nice hanging up in his closet now!

We had our last ultrasound today and I teared up (like all the times before). It's just amazing to see him in there. In fact, the doctor says he's measuring about 9 days ahead of time. But the doc says they'll still keep the due date February 20. He's already 5 pounds 9 ounces, so I'm hoping he may come a few days early :). Just not too early! My to-do list is growing every day.

So if you have a story about how your little one waited until 40 weeks to come into this world, please share it with me! I'd like to think I can get it all done before he arrives!