Surveillance Camera Captures Video Of Shooting At OKC Bar

Monday, January 23rd 2012, 9:37 pm
By: News 9

A shooting at a bar in southwest Oklahoma City is all caught on camera. Before a jury would get the chance to watch the video, the suspect entered a blind plea.

This is the second time the gunman's been charged in a crime involving a shooting at a bar.

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After a conviction for shooting a man in the chest at a bar in Canadian County, Todd Coker received a five-year suspended sentence, a punishment one woman told News 9 was not enough to keep him from doing the same thing again.

"It's repulsive he did not pay for the crime that he committed," Elizabeth Newcomb said.

Elizabeth Newcomb told News 9 back in March she's familiar with Todd Coker's mug shot. Newcomb explained Coker shot her nephew in the chest after an argument at the Silver Stallion Bar in Mustang.

"It's just scary what could have happened," Newcomb said.

Reports show Coker made 'no specific threats' before Newcomb's nephew yells the "Todd, you just shot me" words, documented six years before Coker pulls out his gun again, only this time on video.

According to reports, Coker staggered as he enters the bar and ordered a drink. Cameras rolled as Coker took a seat there, at the bottom of the screen. A few minutes later he got into a verbal argument with someone who called him a cab.

Coker then confronted the other individual and eventually pulled out his gun and started firing shots. The bullets hit the victim several times in his backside before Coker left the bar.

When police arrest Coker, they realized his past crime is very similar to the present. Only this time, the video gives a clear picture of exactly what happened.

"I don't feel like justice will be served, but I hope it is," Newcomb said.

Coker is charged with shooting with intent to kill. The punishment for that crime can be up to life in prison. He also is charged with possession of a firearm after being convicted for the first shooting. He could be sentenced up to 10 years for that crime.

Coker's sentencing is set for March 7, just one day shy of a year from when the shooting happened.