More Daylight Burglaries Reported In Edmond

Thursday, January 26th 2012, 11:44 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

Victims report more Edmond car burglaries Thursday and this time the crimes are caught on camera.

And it all happened in broad daylight. This time customers and employees at Transformations fitness center became victims.

"(I) walked out here and it was smashed in, I could see it through my windshield," says Ryan Bussell who discovered the passenger window of his car was broken out around 3 o'clock Thursday afternoon.

"We had a lady up front saying she got her car broken into and I walked out here and. lo and behold, my car was broken into," said Bussell.

Surveillance video shows the believed burglars driving around the parking lot in a white GMC Arcadia checking out cars, and even breaking out the window of Ryan's Honda.

"I was pretty angry," said Bussell.

Fortunately, Ryan says there was nothing worth stealing in his car so the thieves didn't take anything. But he says two other vehicles were also broken into and both of those women had their purses stolen.

"Unfortunately, there are people out there that don't care about other people so they got do stuff like this," said Bussell.

The crimes come just one day after Edmond police warn of a brazen burglar who has been smashing windows at YMCA's, daycares, and the dog park.

The descriptions of the suspect's don't match, but the lesson here is the same.

"I don't keep valuables in my car for that very reason," said Ryan.

Again the description in the most recent case is two men who were driving a White GMC Arcadia.

Police are also asking everyone just to keep an eye out for anything suspicious since these crimes are happening right in the middle of the day in somewhat busy areas.