Grady County Deputy Says He Was Fired For Being Whistleblower

Friday, January 27th 2012, 12:25 am
By: News 9

The Grady County Sheriff has fired back after a former deputy accuses him of misconduct.

The sheriff is also accused of compromising safety and letting a murder suspect run free without notifying other departments.

Former Deputy Ryan Lake tells News 9 Sheriff Art Kell fired him for being a whistleblower in a murder investigation.

It all started January 2 when deputies began investigating the murder of Danny Franklin. His friend, George Rouse, was accused of killing him. While authorities searched for Rouse, an internal email allegedly went out to deputies urging them not to notify other departments.

It outraged then-deputy Ryan Lake.

"Why are we getting this as an email? Why is this not going on the radio that all of them is supposed to be," Lake asked.

Lake said he was told Grady County wanted to make the arrest.


Lake said that was "unacceptable," and notified other departments on his own.

"I never heard about it," said Sheriff Kell. "The undersheriff never heard about it. None of the ones investigating this crime heard none of his concerns."

Kell said he notified US Marshals and the OSBI of the murder suspect's whereabouts, but didn't want to compromise the investigation.

Lake said exposing the truth got him fired Tuesday, but he would do it again because he was protecting the public and his fellow officers from a suicidal murder suspect.

Although the sheriff wouldn't comment on personnel matters, he did confirm after Lake was hired details of a misdemeanor in Florida surfaced.

Lake is now running for McClain County sheriff and said he has several job offers.