Edmond Police Warn Residents Of Recent Car Break-Ins

Monday, January 30th 2012, 6:58 pm
By: News 9

Edmond police arrested two Florida men believed to be behind some of the recent smash and grab car break-ins around the metro.

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When police pulled over a 27-year-old Benny Lee and 33-year-old Gregory Campbell Jr., they found a bunch of stolen ID's, credit cards, and checkbooks inside their car.

Some of those items belonged to Carissa Stevens. She was at the Hefner Dog Park and was only there for 15 minutes when her car was hit in a smash and grab.

"I am happy they arrested someone, I could really care less about my stuff. I'm just happy they found the guilty guys.

Edmond police said the two arrested are not behind all the recent smash and grabs. So their best advice to you is to not leave your purse or any valuables in your car. Even for a minute.

"I think it's a shame," said Melissa Krupovage, one of the volunteer park managers at Hefner Dog Park in northwest Oklahoma City.

Krupovage tries to look out for the people who visit this park with their pups. But says they can only do so much.

"Scout the cars and see purses sitting in the front seat with the door locked and that's just an open invitation," Krupovage said.

Despite signs all over the park suggesting otherwise, and even though there are surveillance cameras near this park, it does little to deter thieves on a mission.

"You know they just bust the window, pop the trunk and grab your stuff," Krupovage said.