Police Still Searching For Possible Victim In Forest Park Rape Case

Tuesday, January 31st 2012, 7:39 pm
By: News 9

Witnesses described an attack on a naked bloodied woman. Police in Forest Park near Interstate 35 and N.E. 36th Street and the Oklahoma County Sheriff office are investigating the case.

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The suspect is behind bars, but the woman may be missing. Investigators are not exactly sure who they are looking for or if a woman is actually missing.

Still, Forest Park Police arrested a man based on a call from a witness claiming Paul Rich lunged at a naked woman outside a home in the 3900 Block of Coltrane.

OCSO spokesperson Mark Myers explains what police say happened on January 29, 2012,

"They heard them arguing then looked outside and saw him standing there and at some point saw Mr. Rich with a pair of scissors lunge toward this woman," Myers said.

Investigators say witnesses claim the woman ran naked to the front door of a home, but Rich pulled the woman away. When police arrived, they say both Rich and the woman were gone. Police say it's the last time anyone would see the woman.

"It's a very strange case to begin with, because we have an incident that happened where we do have eye witnesses, but at this point we do not have a victim in this case," Myers said.

A woman too worried to show her face claims she is the woman police are trying to find,

"It's real weird because hearing this that I'm kidnapped and I'm missing and maybe stabbed and all that," she said.

The woman said she was with Rich at the time documented in the police reports. She claims she got into a fight with Rich and he drove her to this intersection, and dropped her off. She claims witnesses are giving conflicting statements.

"There wasn't nobody bloody or naked," she said.

Court documents show Rich told police the woman smoked crack that morning. They fought, and her name is Donna or Diana Johnson. The woman claims Rich is not cooperating with police to protect her identity.

"I don't know no Donna, I don't know there was no donna there," she said.

The woman says she's been trying to get in touch with investigators. A spokesperson for the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office says at this point they are still looking for a black woman in her 40's, with the name Donna or Diana.

Police said they were already investigating a rape case against Rich from two weeks prior to this incident, but do not believe they are related. Rich is being held on complaints of rape, kidnapping, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.