Guardian Angels Pull Man From Submerged Vehicle

Friday, February 3rd 2012, 7:40 pm
By: News 9

Two Moore men found themselves in the right place at the right time on Friday, and ended up saving another man's life.

Mike Molsbee and David Bussey were on their way to move some furniture on Thursday afternoon when they came up on a car turned upside-down in a creek near S.W. 17th and Janeway.

"All you could see was two wheels hangin' up out of the car," said Bussey. 

The Pontiac G6 had gone off the road and into the creek.  The driver could not be seen, but passersby knew the driver was trapped inside.  Another man was in the water trying to open the car's door. 

Bussey ran to his truck to get a tire tool to break the car's window. but Molsbee couldn't wait and jumped into the water himself to help.  He was able to pry the door open, and went inside the submerged car.   

"I went into the car the first time and I couldn't find anything," said Molsbee.  "I came up, got another breath and went down again, and just by chance managed to grab ahold of his ankle."

When Molsbee and Bussey pulled 22-year-old Joshua Kizer from the creek he was nearly unconscious, but recovered quickly.

"He takes a big gasp of air and his whole face is purple and blue," Bussey said.  "He coughed a little bit and started talkin' and walked around a minute."

"He seemed to be doin' okay," Molsbee continued.  "Gave me and David a hug, and we went on our way."

Molsbee and Bussey met Joshua on Friday at his house, and Joshua's mother, father and girlfriend all expressed their gratitude to the two men. 

"I'm so thankful that God puts people in different places like that," Joshua said.

Molsbee remembered something floating out of the vehicle and brushing up against his leg after Kizer had been pulled from the water.  Turns out it was Kizer's bible. 

"I just happened to have it in my car," said Kizer.  "It was in my back seat."