Sam Bradford Visits 45th Infantry Soldiers In Kuwait On Super Bowl Sunday

Tuesday, February 7th 2012, 10:55 pm
By: News 9

While millions of people were focused on the Super Bowl Sunday, some of Oklahoma's finest were playing some pigskin of their own.

Soldiers with Oklahoma's 45th Infantry got a special visit overseas. News 9 talked with one soldier who can now say he caught a touchdown pass from an NFL quarterback.

On Super Bowl Sunday, Quarterback Sam Bradford and some of his teammates went to Kuwait to play with some of Oklahoma's 45th infantry.

"They threw my name into the pot because chain of command knows how big an OU fan I am and rams fan so they put my name in there and I got to play some flag football," Sgt. Shane Stanfill said.

This OU fan, Sgt. Shane Stanfill, sent us some pictures and video from Kuwait. When he's not catching touchdown passes from Sam Bradford, or throwing touchdown passes in flag football, he's a high school football coach in Holdenville.

"I'm usually telling my guys good job when they come off the field so for me to have that flipped and come off after throwing a touchdown, and Sam Bradford giving you a fist bump and telling you nice throw kind of a compliment, kind of surreal," Stanfill said.

Sgt. Stanfill is still grinning ear to ear thinking about it.

"Even after the game was over the guys kind of hung out with us and talked to us about the off season. They were nice, class acts and everybody's spirits were lifted, especially the guys from Oklahoma," Stanfill said.

Stanfill said the NFL visit was the biggest morale booster ever, but he also misses his family.

"My first wedding anniversary is this Sunday. I want to tell my wife happy anniversary, I'll see you guys soon," Stanfill said.

The players showed up in the morning for a meet and greet and signed autographs, and then the game was in the afternoon.

The soldiers are out of Holdenville. They are expected to be home this spring.

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