Dean's Blog: KD, Just Say No!

Wednesday, February 8th 2012, 7:17 pm

I am sick of seeing the best offensive player in the league working and working and working to get the ball into the worst offensive player in the league.

Kevin Durant unselfishly but unwisely routinely persists that the ball get to Kendrick Perkins. I am a big fan of Perk, but not on the offensive end. He is a disaster waiting to happen. And Scott Brooks and Durant need to adjust some of their thinking in their average-at-best half-court game.

Perkins got the ball from Durant three consecutive possessions in the second half last night during the Golden State win. Bang, bang, bang—3 consecutive turnovers.

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Perk brings this team toughness and a defensive presence it needs. OKC is a better team for having him. But there needs to be a team rule that the ball doesn't go inside unless there's a darn good reason. And I've watched a lot of basketball, but can't come up with many reasons to get the ball to a guy who is a walking turnover.

Perk's in the national headlines today with his critical critique of LeBron and his tweeting. Brother, please let sleeping dogs lie.

LeBron and D. Wade and Bosh, etc. roll into town for a no-holds-barred scrum against Perk and Co. March 25.

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Oklahoma City will take on the Sacramento Kings in a Thursday night matchup Feb. 9 at 9:30 p.m.