Oklahoma Mother Pushes For DNA Sampling At Time Of Arrests

Monday, February 20th 2012, 7:03 pm
By: News 9

A mother hopes a break in the case of a serial rapist in Norman will bring more interest in her push to change laws in Oklahoma.

The mother has been on a seven-year crusade to find her daughter's killer. She explained a murderer raped and strangled her 18-year-old daughter, Brittany Phillips, at an apartment in Tulsa in 2004.

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The mom knows that killer is still free to do it again, and that's what led to her personal crusade 'Caravan to Catch a Killer.'

Over time, a car can go hundreds of thousands of miles, but in Maggie Zingman's caravan the 54,000 traveled is anything but a joyride.

"I refuse to let him take away the rest of our lives so by being out there we keep on living and we say you won't kill her memory," Zingman said.

Zingman is after her daughter's killer. The car helps tell the story of the rape and murder of Brittany Phillips. The killer left DNA evidence at the scene,

"When the detective told me we had DNA, we thought oh great our case is going to be solved," Zingman said.

Since 2004, police have looked at 2000 possible suspects without finding a match.

"If we don't change the laws they are out there for years," Zingman said.

Zingman keeps pushing to get laws changed in Oklahoma that adds DNA sampling at the time of any arrests. Critics argue it's an invasion of privacy. Zingman disagrees, explaining the DNA is coded with numbers and protected.

Right now, 26 states take DNA at the time of arrest.

Just last week, Norman Police reported DNA linked Robert Bruce, a convicted felon in Colorado, to 14 cold cases in Oklahoma, eight were reportedly rape cases like Zingman's daughter Brittany.

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The mom said this should prove why she refuses to stop her journey for justice.

"If we are refusing to take DNA at arrests, then we are saying we are going to allow dangerous individuals to be out in our community," Zingman said.

Oklahoma takes DNA sampling after a conviction.

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