OKC Video Vigilante Helps Take Teen Prostitute Off The Streets

Monday, March 5th 2012, 7:04 pm
By: News 9

A 15-year-old girl who was prostituting on South Robinson Avenue was taken off the streets thanks, in part, to a video vigilante who spotted her in the act and called police.

Oklahoma City Vice detectives got the tip from John TV creator Brian Bates Friday, just hours after they showed him a picture of the girl. Bates spotted the underage girl along South Robinson, which is a known hotspot for prostitution.

"I shoot a picture of her, send it via text message to vice detectives, they verify it's her but they're 20 to 30 minutes away," said Brian Bates. "They asked me to keep eyes on her, which I did."

While detectives were en route to the scene, the 15-year-old girl was picked up by a man and driven to a parking lot. Bates followed them and told detectives they were on the move.

"Literally seconds before probably the lewd act would have happened, police were on the scene," said Bates. "They took the young juvenile into custody and they got the driver's information."

The girl was working on South Robinson when she was spotted. The area is notorious for prostitution and Bates has been catching them in the act for about 15 years.

"Robinson Avenue has been known since about 40 years ago as the hot spot in Oklahoma City where you go to find street prostitutes, 24 hours a day."

FBI agents joined the investigation and said they were looking for more details.

"We're in the midst of trying to obtain some information from her and pursuing other avenues to see if we can further the investigation," said FBI Special Agent Clay Simmonds.

On Monday, Simmonds said the 15 year old could have vital information to the investigation.

"That person is always key in trying to assist us in developing who else is involved and who may be out there forcing these individuals to do this," said Simmonds.

Monday, FBI agents were still trying to determine if the girl was transported across state lines. Agents said if she was, there could be federal charges brought against any parties involved.

Oklahoma City Police would not comment on the investigation.