OKC Police Find Items Stolen In Burglaries, Sleeping Criminal In Stolen Car

Monday, March 5th 2012, 7:24 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City Police woke a sleeping criminal and it created a break in unsolved cases in the metro.

The police report is nearly 20 pages. Officers say it's one of the largest reports because it lists more than 100 stolen items found on one criminal.

Police arrested Robert Wayne Adams after a neighbor called to report the man sleeping in a car. The flashers were turned and Adams was asleep in the driver seat. He was found when police were responding to a call near the Will Rogers Court Complex.

When the officer arrived to the area, he discovered Robert Wayne Adams sleeping in the driver seat of a stolen car.

Adams did not try to get away from police, because officers say he had no way to do so. Adams told the officer he "ran out of gas."

"The way he [Adams] was talking to the officer, his answers just simply didn't add up," said Master Sergeant Gary Knight with Oklahoma City Police .

Adams reportedly told the officer he planned to "visit a friend" at the apartments near where he parked the car . After more questioning, the officer not only discovered the car is stolen, but also found several stolen items from home and auto burglaries in the area including tools, several cell phones, jewelry, and prescription drugs.

"That's how these cases go. One thing leads to another," Gary Knight said.

Police say Adams told the officer his "brother bought him the car" and denied breaking into homes. The report shows Adams also denied "lying to the officer."

Police say finding the stolen goods solves several burglaries.

"Its certainly a win-win situation for reasons, one hand we were able to get property back to its rightful owner and number two, we were able to get a bad guy off of the streets," Knight said.

Some of the stolen items are being booked in to the property room at the police department until investigators track down all of the victims. Police say the stolen car was out of Kiowa County.

Investigators are looking into whether Adams had help in the burglaries.