Intruders Armed With AK-47s Rob Northwest OKC Home

Tuesday, March 13th 2012, 6:08 pm
By: News 9

A couple says they were tied up and covered with a sheet, while intruders ransacked their Northwest Oklahoma City home.

What makes this home invasion even more disturbing is that the intruders were armed with AK-47s, and robbed the place while three young children slept upstairs.

This all happened Monday night in the 300 block of N.W. 118th street. The intruders kicked in the door and ransacked the duplex. They took a TV, a play station, money, phones, and the couple's 2001 Blue Tahoe.

According to the police report, the couple was forced to lie on the ground with a sheet covering them. We're told one of the intruders told them "If you move, I'll shoot you."

And even though the couple does have an alarm, it was not on when the intruders knocked on the front door and then barged in.

"I was shocked and I was scared for the kids," said Antwaine Clayton, a close friend of the couple. He said he just heard about what happened Tuesday morning.

"My number one concern was for the kids and what they actually witnessed," Clayton said.

Somehow the couple's three young children slept through it all.

The children's mother said the only reason she answered the front door was because she thought one of her relatives needed her help.

"I open the door," the mother said. And that's when she says, she was confronted by a man she did not know.

"And then when I went to reach for the door back he made his way in," the mother said.

Police did find the couple's Chevy Tahoe at an apartment complex near Britton and Council Rd. But the intruders are still on the loose.

The couple told police the intruders even turned up the music in the house before they left, making them think they were indeed going to shoot them, and have the music muffle the gunshots.

We checked with police. They told us this neighborhood is a hotbed of drug activity.

We also ran that address through our Crime Tracker database and found several reported assaults and burglaries in the area.