Couple Says Their Neighbor Poisons Animals In Grady County

Tuesday, March 13th 2012, 6:40 pm
By: News 9

It's a heartbreaking story we first told you about Saturday. A family in Tuttle believes their two dogs were poisoned on purpose.

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A couple in Wheatland says they moved to get away from a man who they say poisons pets in Grady County. The Sheriff's office is now looking into this matter but say it went un-reported until now.

"We had cats, they disappeared," Pattye Lish said. "We just got tired of living around him."

Pattye Lish says she and her husband moved their animals to a different county to get away from a neighbor she says likes to poison animals.

"If he doesn't like your dog, he'll put poisoned meat in that person's yard," she said.

That's exactly what Brad Brooks says happened to his German Shepard ‘Colt' and his little puppy.

"It was chewing on something. I went over there and it was chicken fried steak meat that was cooked that the dog was chewing on," Brooks said.

Grady County Sheriff's office told News 9 these are tough cases to prove, but they are now looking into it and have contacted Brooks.

"It's a horrible thing that you find your animal swollen up with poison and the man that does it sits there and laughs about what he's doing," Lish said.

Lish said she reported it, but now regrets not doing more for other animals in the neighborhood.

"I want justice for them, I want justice for all the animals that were poisoned and dropped off and hungry and poisoned," she said.

The sheriff's office has no official suspects, but is asking for information from the public regarding this.

The sheriff's office told News 9 if they do end up arresting someone, that person could face serious animal cruelty charges.