Fourth Person Charged In MWC Murder-For-Hire Plot

Friday, March 16th 2012, 7:13 pm
By: News 9

A teenager is now the fourth person charged with murder in the death of a pregnant mom found shot to death in her home in Midwest City back in January.

The murder charges filed against Laquan Ashley late this afternoon reveal new information in the investigation. Wire taps on cell phones, murder confessions, and confirmed gang activity are all noted as evidence in the probable cause affidavit.

Still police say Fabion Brown is trying to blame the murder for hire plot on his girlfriend, Emily Matheson. At the time of Fabion Brown's arrest, he told News 9, "Police say they have a mountain of evidence to say I did it. I just can't wait to see this mountain of evidence."

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Brown not only proclaimed his innocence to our cameras, investigators say he did the same during police interviews. A search warrant revealed Brown took out a $500 loan the day before Jessica McPherson-Brown was shot to death.

Brown claims he got the loan to pay for a trip to Texas. Investigators say Brown and his girlfriend Emily Matheson paid a hitman $250 to kill Jessica.

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Investigators indicated Brown later led on that his girlfriend could have planned the murder alone. However, when police asked Fabion where Matheson got the money, he replied, "Advanced America," the same place police found a loan in Fabion's name.

Documents also show both Brown and Matheson are customers at Advanced America and had loans during the time frame of Jessica's murder.

News 9 also reviewed documents detailing some of the alleged gunman, Brodric Glover police interview. Glover told investigators Fabion Brown approached him to ask about "offing" his "baby mama". Glover admitted he accepted the job for cash.

Investigators say he also had help. Two juveniles were in the getaway car and both told investigators they did not know about the plot but the teenagers admitted they knew they were "hitting a lick" known on the streets as committing a crime.

Prosecutors charged Ashley noting he drove the getaway car and assisted Glover at a business where Glover collected payment for the murder. The other juvenile connected to the case has not been charged.

The estranged husband Fabion Brown, his girlfriend Emily Matheson, the alleged gunman Brodric Glover, and Laquan Ashley all are charged with first-degree murder, with malice and forethought.

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