Police Search Suspect's Computer For Evidence In Blanchard Mom's Murder

Tuesday, March 20th 2012, 6:50 pm
By: News 9

Nearly a dozen search warrants filed in one murder investigation. Now the mother of a man charged with killing his pregnant wife is saying police are harassing her.

Police are now looking at whether computers will link Tina Clarke and her son, Justin Adams, to the murder of Jaymie Adams.

Tina Clarke says detectives have searched cars, cell phones, and now computers. Although Clarke says she has nothing to hide, she claims police are looking in all the wrong places.

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"They are wasting time to who really done this to get away with what they done," Clarke said.

Tina Clarke does not believe in calling it an alibi, but says she and her son, Justin Adams, could be found on their computers from 11:30 p.m. until 2:30 the morning Jaymie Adams was murdered.

"I'm talking to him until 2:30 in the morning," said Clark."My aunt Patsy that's in eastern Oklahoma is talking to him until 2:30 a.m. We are all playing a game until 2:30 in the morning."

In a search warrant, investigators' statements contradict Tina Clarke.

Police indicate evidence shows Justin Adams' cell phone hit several cell towers in various parts of Oklahoma City, and also near the spot where police found Jaymie Adams' body.

During that same time period, police say Justin's laptop computer connected to a router at Tina Clarke's home in Blanchard.

"Yeah, his only computer is a laptop in that house and that's the only way. They've used my internet. My wireless is purposely for them because I am not wireless so that proves he is home with a computer," Clarke said.

Police are now looking to see if Clarke's "router is portable," or if someone else was operating Justin Adams' laptop computer during that time period.

Clarke says police got the wrong guy.

"They are covering their tracks and the only way to cover it is to make sure he is guilty," Clarke said.

Police responded to Tina Clarke's statements by saying,"we take all cases very seriously and conduct complete and thorough investigations."

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