OKC Mom Needs Help After Heavy Rains Flood Apartment

Thursday, March 22nd 2012, 5:48 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma City mom says she has been forced to send to send her kids to stay with relatives after their northwest Oklahoma City apartment began to take on water following Monday's heavy rain. What's worse she says, is days have gone by and no one is helping to rectify the situation.

The mother of two was still trying to mop up the mess Thursday after water started to seep into her two bedroom apartment during heavy rain earlier in the week. Tia White said she came home Tuesday to an awful smell inside her apartment. She found soaked clothing, beds and a sopping wet carpet.

"It got about to right here," said White as she pointed to a mark on her dresser. "You can see with the water level."

White said the maintenance crews finally showed up Thursday to address the carpets. On Thursday afternoon there was only one fan in place to dry the carpet, but it was not industrial strength. White said that was not enough to dry out two bedrooms.

"It's very unprofessional," explained White. "It's just a statement that shows that management really don't care and it's just really sad that you pay your rent and live somewhere and you can't even live in comfort."

White's management company, based out of Nebraska, said it is aware of the situation. A representative for the company told News 9 that their regional manager made allegations that White was not cooperating fully and that was the reason the situation had not been fixed. White denied those allegations.

"I actually just wanted them to come in and fix everything and make it stable so I can have a stable living condition for my kids. Because as of right now, it's not stable," said White. "It's nothing that I can do about it, but just stay here ‘cause I don't have no other options."

News 9 informed the management company about some of the things we saw while looking around the apartment. Outside, the drainage system appeared to be full of leaves and other debris. Part of the drainage pipe had also been pushed up above ground, which could have prevented water from draining properly. The management company acknowledged that could have been the cause of the flooding.

Representatives with the company said that they would talk with White to make sure the situation is corrected.