Oklahoma Soldiers Get An "All-Star" Welcome

Thursday, April 5th 2012, 6:23 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma families and loved ones welcomed home more soldiers from the 45th Thursday.

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Many of them were stationed in Afghanistan and Kuwait. Among them, one of Oklahoma's Finest who we talked to on SuperBowl Sunday after the unit got a visit from Sam Bradford.

Sgt. Shane Stanfill's kids thought dad was super cool catching a touchdown pass from Sam when he and other NFL players visited troops in Kuwait.

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But Thursday, the soldiers were the stars as hundreds cheered them back home to Oklahoma. These and hundreds of other soldiers missed birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones for one year.

"I've told her, I've told this one, this one I'm never going anywhere ever again," Sgt. Stanfill said pointing at wife Shanell, daughter Riley and sons Mason and Logan.

The last time we saw Sgt. Stanfill he was playing football with Oklahoma's own Sam Bradford.

"Got his picture on my facebook,. Me and him hangin' out together, people think we're best friends now."

This soldier says his homecoming ceremony...must be what it's like for celebrity athletes when the home crowd cheers.

"When the crowd cheers for you it gives you a feeling not really comparable to anything else," he said.

His kids saw the video and thought dad was pretty cool throwing a football around with NFL superstars.

"Yeah, it's like our favorite team.(Rams)" Logan said.

But none of that compares to right now, the Stanfill's own superstar is back home.

"Unexplainable, it's a feeling you kind of forget and when you get it you don't ever want to let it go again. Ever," Shanell said. 

"Not going anywhere again," Sgt. Stanfill said.

Another 150 members of the 45th Infantry will return from Afghanistan and Kuwait on Saturday.