Judge Orders North Tulsa Murder Suspects Held On Over $9 Million Bond Each

Monday, April 9th 2012, 9:55 am
By: News 9


TULSA, Oklahoma - Jake England and Alvin Watts appeared before a Tulsa County judge. The judge set a nearly $10 million dollar bond for the two men accused of going on a shooting spree on Friday, killing three people and injuring two.

The men appeared via closed circuit TV during an initial court appearance today. Each one was in front of the camera less than 60 seconds.

The judge set bond at $3 million for each of the three murder counts, $75,000 for the two shooting with intent to kill counts and $10,000 for the possession of a firearm count.

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Jacob England, 19, went first. He was in a room with a dozen or so men, all wearing orange jumpsuits.

He didn't say a word as the judge announced the bonds.

Alvin Watts, 32, was next. The same held true; he walked up to the podium and stood silently as the judge announced his bonds and told both men their arraignment would be April 16th.

The men have not been charged with any crime at this point, but both are accused of a Good Friday shooting spree that seemed to target random victims walking or standing in their yards.

Police set up a task force and quickly arrested the two men after numerous Crime Stoppers tips led them to the men. Many people are speculating because the suspects are white and the victims were all black, this is a hate crime, but police and the D.A. say it's too early to know the motive.

"This is the highest priority of any cases in the Tulsa County District Attorney's office and we'll look at it, but we won't make a decision until we're sure we've vetted all the facts and evidence law enforcement has been able to uncover," said Tulsa County District Attorney Tim Harris.

Harris says Oklahoma does have a hate crime law, so if the evidence supports that charge, he will file it. He reminds everyone that the men are presumed innocent until found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in court.

The Tulsa County jail says England and Watts are being held apart from the rest of the inmate population for their own safety.

It's important to remember, three families are grieving and planning funerals today. Bill Allen's wife told me he was the kind of man who talked to everybody.

Dannear Fields' sister tells me she had a strong belief in God and never felt unsafe walking in her neighborhood. As for Bobby Clark's family, I'm meeting with them this afternoon and will have that interview on News On 6 at 5 and 6 p.m.