Hail-Packing Storm System Riddles Woodward County

Monday, April 9th 2012, 10:35 pm
By: News 9

The storms in Woodward County not only produced a tornado, they also dropped hail throughout the area causing at least a quarter million dollars worth of damage.

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Sky News 9 HD captured the storm from the air as viewers sent in photos and videos of the damage from the ground.

Tornado Spotted, Hail Causes Damage in NW Oklahoma

Woodward County Sheriff Gary Stanley summed up the day with one word, busy. The county was busy with cleanup, repairs and a long list of insurance claims.

The hail made it sound like warzone, and it looked like a warzone. But, instead of bullets, it was solid chunks of ice that were plummeting to the ground. News 9 received reports of hail chunks as large as grapefruits.

"The large hail has done damage to every roof in town, I'm sure," Sheriff Stanley said. "It looks like it was pretty widespread."

Pictures from News 9 viewers told the story. Windshields were left riddled, and many were completely gone. Most pictures showed hail the size of baseballs and softballs.

"I [have] to replace the skylight in my jail," Stanley said in an interview as he was busy cleaning up a mess the storm left behind.

Sky News 9 HD caught a tornado touching down briefly in a field just south of Woodward. Stanley says there was no reported property damage from the twister itself, but high winds caused trees to snap leaving a mess in yards throughout town.

Woodward County Emergency Management reported just two injuries.

With so much damage, the county is warning people to watch out for windshield and roofing repair scams. The county expects those scams to start popping up Tuesday.

Residents are being encouraged to use companies they are familiar with.