Comanche Teens Stranded On Prom Night After Party Bus Driver Arrested

Monday, April 23rd 2012, 6:43 pm

Prom is supposed to be a night to remember and it certainly was for one group of Oklahoma teens, but for all the wrong reasons.

The group of teenagers was left stranded after their party bus was pulled over and the driver arrested.

When the party bus arrived to pick up the nearly 50 Comanche high school students Saturday afternoon, it wasn't at all what they expected.

"It looked like a prison bus, not like a party bus like the kids were promised," said Linda Watson, one of the mothers who were there when the bus arrived. "Two of the windows were broken out."

In addition, there wasn't enough room for all the kids to sit down. Then once the bus started going, they say things got even worse.

"There was one time everyone got thrown over because he was pretty much on the side of the road and he had to get back on," said James Watson who was on the bus.

According to the Sheriff, someone following the bus noticed the driver was swerving and alerted his office. A deputy pulled the bus over at a Waurika Truck stop.

That's when Chance Drake, the driver and owner of the party bus, was arrested for driving with a suspended license. The sheriff says the bus also didn't have insurance, and its tags were expired.

"He just put all of our lives in danger so he could get money, and he didn't think twice about it," said Kierstin Morton, who rented the bus.

Drake was taken to jail where he spent the weekend. He was arraigned Monday afternoon.

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission requires Party Bus companies to prove they have insurance.

A list of authorized party buses and limos.