Scam Artist Tries To Drum Up Donations Using University Of Oklahoma Band

Tuesday, May 1st 2012, 9:09 am
By: News 9

The director of the University of Oklahoma marching band says a scam artist is trying to cheat people out of money by claiming to be a member of the Pride of Oklahoma.

The person is going door-to-door in Norman, saying he's with the "Sooner Marching Band." OU Band Director Brian Britt says that's one of many red flags this is a hoax, because the band calls itself "The Pride of Oklahoma."

Britt also says the band never goes door-to-door raising funds; it relies on donor donations.

"We want people to know, first of all, we never engage in door-to-door fundraising. So if anyone ever comes and says, 'Hey, we're with the Pride of Oklahoma. I'm raising money,' that's false," Britt said.

The scam artist tells people the band is trying to raise money to go to the Olympics, but Britt says the band has no plans to go to London for the summer games. Britt wants people to be aware of the scam and notify police if someone comes to their door asking for money.

"To have something that would in any way jeopardize or make people question that legitimate support, obviously that's a great concern to us."