Man Accused In 'Cathouse' Star Murders Pleads Guilty

Friday, May 4th 2012, 1:05 pm
By: News 9

A former marine enters a guilty plea in the murders of four people, including HBO reality star Brooke Phillips.

Investigators found the victims inside a burning house on November 9, 2009, Prosecutors were seeking the death penalty, but David Tyner reached a deal with the state.

David Tyner kept his back to the families of his victims as they expressed their grief to the courtroom asking the judge to deny a deal for the man who had just pleaded guilty to shooting, stabbing, and then burning the bodies of their loved ones.

Our cameras were the only ones there as Tyner walked out of court.

" Mr. Tyner, do you have anything to say to the families of your victims?" News 9 asked.

Tyner stared straight ahead through the questioning.

"Are you at all sorry?"

Getting an answer from David Tyner appeared to be out of the question. Especially after Tyner refused to acknowledge statements from the victims' families.

News 9 asked again,"those family members were crying and you show no remorse?"

Tyner pleaded guilty to killing HBO Cathouse reality star, Brooke Phillips, her friends Jennifer Ermey, Milagros Barrera, Casey Barrientos and two unborn babies. Court documents reveal Tyner shot his victims in their hands or legs to "partially immobilize them" before shooting them multiple times in the back or killing them "execution style."

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Investigators say Tyner then burned the home in an effort to mask the murders on November 9, 2009. But court records show a witness helped put Tyner behind bars.

Now, for the first time in two and half years, the families shared their thoughts with the judge and admitted killer.

A statement from Brook Phillips family says, "you turned our whole lives upside down" and Phillip's "will never get to see her daughter grow up."

The family of Milagros Barrera reminded the judge their "opportunities to say I love you are forever gone."

While Jennifer Ermey's family spoke specifically to Tyner saying, "we hope every day of your life you relive the torture of what you did on November 9."

In a statement from the sister of Casey Barrientos, his sister said "there is nothing David could say to take away our hurt."

The tears were flowing when the judge accepted a plea deal for Tyner. He will serve six consecutive life sentences without parole.

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