Authorities Shoot, Kill Gunman Near Yukon Saturday Night

Sunday, May 13th 2012, 8:58 am
By: News 9

One man is dead after a shootout with authorities near Yukon Saturday night.

According to police, an El Reno police officer and a Canadian County deputy were investigating reports of a man shooting at a car near Richland and Britton road. When authorities arrived at the scene, they say the suspect, Glen Kyle, started running and began shooting at them.

Sgt. Paul Reynolds fired at Kyle, who led the deputy and an El Reno police officer on a pursuit back to his home.

"He got out of the vehicle with a pistol, fired four rounds at my deputy. My deputy returned fire. He shot twice, hit the individual once in the chest," said Canadian County Sheriff Randall Edwards.

The El Reno Officer also shot Kyle, hitting him in the leg.

Edwards says Kyle is known in the area by law enforcement. News 9 found Kyle has a lengthy rap sheet spanning the last decade, including multiple convections for misdemeanors and a felony drunk driving.

There were four people in the car that Kyle allegedly shot at. They say they don't know Kyle and investigators aren't sure what lead to that shooting.

"They don't know. They were going down the road, they passed the suspect, the suspect began to follow them and at one point in time they heard a gunshot," Edwards said.

Edwards says the deputy and the officer were not injured in gunfire exchange. He also says he believes his deputy was justified in using deadly force to protect himself.

"I believe anytime anyone fires or assaults a law enforcement officer with a deadly weapon, they deserve to suffer the consequences, and rightfully so.

The deputy who shot Kyle in the chest is on routine leave Sunday night.