Neighbors Warned Of Human Trafficking Ring Out Of Home Near Edmond

Wednesday, May 16th 2012, 11:31 pm
By: News 9

Neighbors living in the Oaks Addition near Kilpatrick Turnpike and Eastern received fliers Wednesday detailing an alleged human trafficking ring operating in their upscale neighborhood. founder Brian Bates and volunteers distributed the fliers. It describes alleged prostitution activity headquartered at a home at 13000 Red Cedar Circle.

The flier states, "Young victims are strung out on drugs, beaten, forced to sell themselves every day and meet quotas up to $1,500 or they are beaten again. Court documents show this ring has operated out of several homes in Edmond and Oklahoma City…Authorities believe the ring makes over $200,000 per month selling the bodies of young girls."

Bates said he personally witnessed criminal activity and tracked it back to the home.

"[I] kept watching this address some more and sure enough their routine is young women are taken from here in the morning hours to Robinson. Other women are making trips to hotels and to upscale homes in the area and it's obvious a prostitution ring is still in full swing," Bates said.

Records show the home is owned by Germaine Coulter's construction company. Coulter, along with Mario Diaz, Julianne Rupert, Christina Byler and Elizabeth Andrade, faces felony racketeering charges in a 2011 case.

News 9 first reported on the investigation in 2011.

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