Gary's DIY Light Fixture

Friday, June 15th 2012, 5:27 pm
By: News 9

In every work environment there should be a place to share ideas. A place where everyone can be on the same page, and even if you never see some of your co-workers, you know what they are thinking. Sure in this day and age email helps. Jed for example can email Gary, who he hardly ever sees due to their opposite schedules, and they can exchange ideas. Email and sticky notes back and forth wouldn't suffice for Mr. England. He wanted something everyone could see the moment they walked into the weather center. He wanted a place for people to post hard copies of tornado photos, colored maps, recent research studies, etc. What he wanted was a bulletin board. We already had one in the office, but everyone walked by it daily without taking the time to look at it, and no one ever posted their findings on it. After pondering how to make this bulletin board wall the most visited wall in the office, Gary had a light bulb moment. No really, an actual light bulb was his idea. He wanted a light fixture installed to draw attention to the board, in order to get the creative meteorological juices flowing.

After a few discussions about having this fixture installed, days went by, still the wall was dark. That's when Gary decided to take the matter into his own hands. He was the one who had the vision, he was the one who wanted the light, and now he was going to buy and install it himself. In true Oklahoma fashion, he headed to the hardware store. Gary was the only one here that night and installed the light himself. He ran an extension cord out of his office, up the wall and secured the brand spanking new fixture. I came in the next day and found this interesting DIY light. Surrounded by our fancy equipment, this thing stands out! I like to compare it to the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. You can't help but say,"ah" when you see it. I must tell you though, he knew what he was doing. The light is so peculiar looking that everyone who steps foot in our weather center, walks over to it, and in turn looks at the bulletin board, and finally they walks away with some new gold nugget of weather information. There's never a dull moment in the News 9 weather center, especially when you have a Chief who is also a closet electrician.