Jed's Blog: Does The Early Summer Heat Wave Mean A Repeat Of 2011?

Thursday, June 28th 2012, 3:24 pm
By: News 9

We started off June on a wet note. Since then, temperatures have been pretty nice and June-like, with the exception of this last week! The temperatures went high voltage, almost like flipping a light switch! This also happened last year!

Over the last three days, 100 degree temperatures have been the rule!

The question being asked: Is this a sign that this year will be similar to last year?

Let me start with an emotional response: I HOPE NOT! Here are a few areas I am considering when it comes to this most recent heat flash:

I am thankful we are not under another extreme drought as we were at this time last year. That was a major player to why our temperature went out of control. Because we are not to that extreme, I doubt that any heat wave that develops can build on itself. That is not to say that more heat waves are not possible this summer, the moisture available tends to curb heat waves from building in.

The fact that we have not had any substantial rain for the last 20 days does concern me, though. A flash drought is more than likely occurring right now and that can eventually lead to more wide spread drought conditions. As I mentioned above, if a drought forms, the heat will have a foundation to build on. If the extreme heat continues, the drought will have a foundation to build on as well. They tend to build on each other.

Heat waves and droughts come in patterns, too. Some of the best known Oklahoma droughts and heat waves occurred in the 1930s and 1950s. After the record summer we had last year, we will be watching to see if that pattern happens in the near future.