OKC Teen, Paralyzed After Shooting, Released From Hospital

Friday, June 29th 2012, 5:38 pm
By: News 9

The teenager gunned down on his way to school in early May was released from the hospital Friday; nearly two months after a gunshot wound left him paralyzed from the waist down.

Bronson Quickle still cannot feel his legs, but showed off his wheelchair moves and how he kept positive after the attack on May 8.

"I feel fine," said Quickle, who was at home Friday with his younger brother, mother, stepdad and grandmother. "It's alright."

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While the teenager was happy to be home, he said his recovery is still a long way from over.

"Well I was hoping to get at least my feeling back in my legs," explained Quickle. "I mean I won't be able to walk."

Doctors told the 17 year old that someday he might be able to get out of the wheelchair and walk, but that depends on medical advancements and Quickle was not getting his hopes too high, although he said if he could ever walk again, he would be happy about it. Instead he said he would stay focused on the things he can do, even if that means with a wheelchair.

"Playing basketball. I want to get to doing that again and I guess just hanging out with my family."

His mom, Tami Jackson, was happy to have the family all together again under one roof.

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"While he was gone there was a void. There was something missing. It like completes the whole deal," she explained. "Today I'm pretty proud of him. He's done really well. It's been a bumpy road but he's there."

Quickle knows that bumpy road all too well, but he said he was not interested in looking back. He just wants to move forward with life.

"I'm still here."

His advice to other teenagers was not to take anything for granted.

Supporters have set up the website www.teambronson2012.org where anyone can stay up-to-date on Quickle's recovery and make donations to help pay for medical bills and modifications needed to the family's home so Quickle can get around.

Oklahoma City Police have still not made any arrests in the shooting that left Quickle unable to walk, but investigators were able to track down a surveillance picture of the vehicle they think was involved. They believe it is a Dodge 2005 or newer model 4-door vehicle. Anyone with information should call police.