Police Bust Bethany Convenience Store Selling Synthetic Drugs

Wednesday, July 11th 2012, 7:11 pm
By: Karl Torp

Bethany Police are cracking down on the sale of an illegal drug being sold at local stores.

Wednesday night officers seized $40,000 worth of so called "synthetic marijuana" from the KJ Quick Stop on NW 23rd in Bethany.    

The product is sold as potpourri, but officers say it can be toxic when smoked.

Police acted after receiving a tip from a father who says his 16-year-old son became violently ill after smoking the synthetic marijuana he purchased illegally from the KJ Quick Stop.

"It's soul crushing to see your son in the hospital like that," says Greg Wolf, who tells News 9 his son was actually in a coma for days after smoking the product on one occasion.

The owner of the store tells News 9 he didn't know the product was illegal to sell.

"I never sold to underage," said KJ Quick Stop Owner Shaik Kalymuzzman, who now faces distribution and money laundering charges.

But police say kids as young as 13 were buying the "synthetic marijuana" which was often kept out of sight at the KJ Quick Stop according to police.

Investigators say costumers would ask for the product at the counter and some packets cost as much as $25.

Bethany Police say Kalymuzzman made around $300,000 just over the past 8 months selling the synthetic marijuana.