OK Woman Skips Movie At Colorado Theatre Where Massacre Happened

Friday, July 20th 2012, 5:19 pm
By: News 9

A last minute decision spares the life of an Oklahoma native.

The movie theater massacre in Colorado left 12 people dead and 59 injured. An Oklahoma woman living in Aurora, Colorado, told News 9 she could have been one of them.

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When a gunman opened fire inside the Colorado theater, a group of people here in Oklahoma quickly realized the tragedy hundreds of miles away could have hit close home.

When news of the movie theater massacre in Colorado made its way to Oklahoma, Shaula Bush says her friends back home did everything they could to get in touch with her, including Skype.

"Everybody is just in shock," Bush said.

Bush lives in Aurora now, and told her friends in Oklahoma she planned to see the Batman movie at midnight. If not for a last minute decision, Bush says she expected to be sitting in that theater at the time of the shooting

"It's just I'm glad I decided against it," Bush said.

Bush explains the theater is known for gang activity and is one of a few reasons for her sudden change of plans.

"I hope in that area, they are more apt to have police or someone of emergency there at all times. Cause it is, as I said, a bad area," Bush said.

Unfortunately, Bush said that did not deter her close friend, who is one of 12 people killed when police say James Holmes opened fire.

"I will be mourning the loss of her," she said.

Bush is now grieving a friend, and counting her blessings.

"I'm thanking myself, and also thanking god for giving me some sense to not go in that neighborhood to that theater," Bush said.

Bush says the community in Aurora is already organizing memorials to honor the victims of this tragedy.

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