Boy Comes Face-To-Face With Cougar In Southwest OKC

Monday, July 30th 2012, 4:05 pm
By: News 9

Several sightings of mountain lions in southwest Oklahoma City near Will Rogers World Airport are putting residents in one neighborhood on alert.

Signs are now warning residents in the Westmoor neighborhood near S.W. 74th Street & Council that trappers have verified cougars live near the area. They are urging everyone to stay off of heavily-wooded trails and keep kids inside from dusk to dawn.

When Nick Stevens hit the trail recently, he did not expect to cross paths with danger.

"It was hiding in a patch of broken down trees," said Nick. "It was a giant cat and it was enormous."

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Face to face with a cougar, Nick says he did what any 12 year old should do.

"I ran off as soon as I saw it."

Before then, Nick had only heard rumors of neighbors seeing wild cougars in the brush near his home. Now, his encounter is serving as a warning to others. Caution signs are posted on every corner in the neighborhood.

Since the cougar spotting, Nick has only returned to the hideout once so he could show our cameras and help professionals catch the cats.

"My parents won't let me go out there."

While assisting the trappers, Nick says they found a lot of evidence of the cats.

"We found some bones along the trail that's back there, and we found some pretty big paw prints."

Trappers have set out a cage with a dangling turkey leg inside, hoping to snag the cougar. The neighbors are anxious and hoping the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation can remove the cats so the neighborhood can return to normal.