Keeping Your Pets Cool

Tuesday, July 31st 2012, 6:39 pm
By: News 9

We broke the record warmest low for the July 31st when we only dipped down to 80 degrees overnight. The old record of 79° was set in 1980. We also broke the record high when we soared to 108 in the afternoon. This current heat wave sure has been tough and it looks like it's not done yet. Tomorrow will likely be the hottest day we have seen so far this year with highs forecast to be 105 to 113 across the state. We all know the drill; stay hydrated and avoid the heat if you can. If you have to be outdoors take plenty of breaks and watch for signs of heat exhaustion. Here in Oklahoma we are somewhat accustomed to this desert –like weather, especially after last summer. However, it is also important that you remember your pets! This kind of heat can be just as tough on them as it is on you. Lows over the next several days will only be dipping down to near 80, which will provide little relief from the sweltering days.

Of course your outdoor pet needs plentiful amounts of cool fresh water and a way to get out of the direct sunlight. My vet has told me shaving your dog is a good idea, but make sure you leave some hair so that their skin doesn't get sunburned. Check with your vet, that might be an option.

I've blogged about them before, and since they are like my children, I'm going to talk about my dogs again. Koda (boxer) and Hallie (lab) have it a little too nice right now. We don't have adequate shade for them in the backyard, so they get to stay inside during the hottest parts of the day. So far they've been really good, much better than they used to be. So far *knock on wood* no torn carpet, eaten furniture, or pee on my curtains. Yes all of that has happened in the past. When they do have to be outside not only do they have their water, but they have a kiddie pool to get in. Koda won't even stick a toe in it, but Hallie being a lab, loves it!

I've attached a few pics of my furry kids beating the heat, and I would love to see yours! Tag me in them on facebook or share them with us on the News 9 share tab, by emailing the pic to You never know, they just might end up on air!