Edmond Company Tracks Vehicles At Republican National Convention

Tuesday, August 28th 2012, 5:26 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

Take the Republican National Convention, add the security concerns of a presidential candidate, and then throw in a Hurricane for good measure. What you get is a logistical nightmare, but it is an Edmond Company charged making sure everything runs smoothly.

U.S. Fleet Tracking, based out of Edmond, tracks vehicles for companies across the United States. When Mitt Romney arrives for his speech at the Republican National Convention at precisely the right moment, he will have them to thank.

"The Republican National Convention is definitely, definitely one of the major feathers in our cap," said Jerry Hunter, U.S. Fleet Tracking CEO.

Hunter founded the company just seven years ago in his spare bedroom. Now, they are providing live vehicle tracking for both security and logistics at the Republican National Convention.

Five hundred sixty units monitor every movement of everyone from security to speakers to the candidate.

"For a national security perspective, they want to know where these high value people are at any given instant," Hunter said.

It is a difficult task, complicated now by Hurricane Isaac. Yet, because of technology U.S. Fleet Tracking developed years ago for News 9 storm trackers, technicians now can use a weather overlay. That uses National Weather Service data over the maps to make sure no one encounters dangerous weather along the route.

"We can tell where the brunt of it is being lashed and make sure that the route these vehicles are traveling on doesn't coincide with any of the high intensity storm areas," Hunter said.