Kingfisher County Judge Denies Sex Offender's Request To Withdraw Guilty Plea

Thursday, September 13th 2012, 12:57 pm
By: News 9

Our camera was the only one there as Matthew Mallory made his way to court Wednesday morning.

He looks very different than he did a year ago, when he was captured near San Antonio, Texas.

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He's accused of running off with his 14-year-old niece, after authorities got word he fathered her child.

Mallory had faced both first degree rape and child sex abuse charges in the case, but begged to have the charges amended to child abuse, so it would not show he had sex with a child. He says he fears being harmed or killed in prison since child predators are normally targeted in prison.

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He agreed to a plea deal on August 7, but then 10 days later wrote a letter to the judge claiming he was high on meth when he made the deal.

"He didn't appear to be on methamphetamine to me," said Undersheriff Bryon Blankenship, who says he was with Mallory the day he made his plea.

The sheriff even testified they do regular searches at the jail for contraband and Mallory's cell was searched.

But Mallory says he did have a syringe full of meth in jail with him, and injected himself during the two days leading up to his plea deal. He even brought a syringe with him to court, saying it was the one he used and hid in the Kingfisher County Jail. But he refused to say where he stashed it, pleading the 5th.

"After speaking to the sheriff, it was not full, it had nothing in it, it was an empty needle," said Blankenship.

The judge denied Mallory's request to withdraw his guilty plea, so back to prison he goes. As part of the plea deal, Mallory will serve four consecutive life sentences.

Besides Mallory, the 14-year-old's mother, Angela Tuszynski, is now also being charged with enabling child abuse in this case.

Her preliminary hearing is set for next month.