Activist Group Unhappy With Changes to Oklahoma Driver's License

Thursday, September 20th 2012, 11:12 pm
By: News 9

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety rolled out a new look to state driver's licenses, but the changes have one group up in arms.

The changes to the driver's license are the result of "best practices" according to DPS, but activist groups like OK Safe and Even Legislative Aids tell News 9 the new license is just another way for "big brother to spy on us" and they say it is a step closer to "Real ID", which Oklahoma lawmakers said ‘NO' to in 2007.

Read Oklahoma Senate Bill 464, opting out of Real ID.

Real ID is an international program designed to help authorities track suspicious behavior and crime through biometrics. Biometrics is the measure of certain points on the body, like facial features, iris recognition and a handwritten signature; all things that can be easily gathered from an Oklahoma driver's license.

Read more about Real ID and Oklahoma.

In 2007 senators from opposite sides of the aisle worked to defeat Real ID in Oklahoma according to Seth Rott. Since then, five additional Real ID benchmarks have been met and appear on Oklahoma licenses.

Rott says real id was recently used at the RNC to identify potential security risks. He also says the next change will be preventing people from smiling on their license to further comply with Real ID.

DPS says it moved the picture to comply with other states and they deny complying with Real ID. And unlike some other states, in Oklahoma, you can still smile.

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