People Line Up For iPhone 5 Across Oklahoma City

Friday, September 21st 2012, 8:41 am
By: News 9

People around the world spent the night camped outside stores, eager to get their hands on the new iPhone 5. Here in Oklahoma City, lines stretched outside several outlets, including Penn Square Mall.

As many as 150 people started lining up Thursday afternoon outside of the mall, eager to be among the first to get the phone. The Apple Store opened at 8 a.m., and customers rushed in to purchase the iPhone 5.

Analysts predict Apple will sell up to 10 million of the smart phones by the end of September. The new iPhone is slimmer, lighter and has a bigger screen.

There are, however, already some complaints about the smart phone. Users say Apples new map app has a lot of mistakes and misinformation. Also, the apps for Google Maps and YouTube are not pre-installed on the phone as they have been in previous versions.

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