Neighbors: Vacant House In NW OKC Attracts Gang Activity

Monday, September 24th 2012, 11:16 pm
By: News 9

A vacant, dilapidated home is attracting trouble in the metro. Concerned homeowners say because of it, gang activity and vandalism are on the rise in their neighborhood.

Homeowners on N.W. 27th are so fed up. They have called the property owners, code enforcement and now police. Authorities are aware of the alleged gang activity, which is near dozens of homes and three different schools.

"It's scary to me. I used to feel real secure living here it was quiet. The man that lived here was nice. He was a good neighbor," one homeowner said.

The good neighbor died a year ago, and neighbors say trouble moved in.

"I walked out in the backyard then I noticed the back kitchen door was open, and it was gang graffiti spray painted on there," an unidentified neighbor said.

Now, this neighbor is scared to show her face on camera, scared of what her neighborhood is becoming. But just brave enough to fight.

"The guys were over here, so I came up to the front door and I said ‘y'all go on get out of here,' and I chased them off," she said.

The neighbor called Bank of America who owns the property, then the city action center. She says they weren't surprised. But she says nightly, several young men come to the home with flashlights, hopping in windows, going through the broken doors, and the lack of utilities doesn't stop them. They reportedly bring flashlights.

Code enforcement has responded to the vacant property twice this year and even wrote a violation for an unsecured building.

Late Monday evening, Bank of America sent News 9 a statement about the home saying right now, it is in the pre-foreclosure process.

The bank says:

"We will order an inspection of the property and determine what work can be authorized at this point."