Both Darrell Williams' Family, Assistant D.A. Disappointed By Sentence

Friday, October 12th 2012, 7:15 pm

Suspended Oklahoma State University basketball player Darrell Williams was freed Friday after a judge gave him a suspended sentence; but both the assistant district attorney and Williams' family say the sentence was not what they wanted.

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Assistant District Attorney Jill Pontz said Friday she is disappointed the judge didn't go with the jury's recommendation of two years in jail.

Williams' family also said this is not the ending they hoped for.

"My nephew is innocent. He is innocent, and they're still making an innocent man register as a sex offender," Williams' aunt said.

Williams' supporters cried as they learned the judge refused to grant him a new trial.

His attorneys had argued there was new evidence about key witnesses; but after reviewing the defense motion, the judge ruled there was nothing that warranted a new trial. Williams' rape by instrumentation conviction stands, and he will still have to register as a sex offender.

"That determines where you can live, where you can go to school, who you can be around; every facet of your life is then ruled by someone else," Williams' attorney Cheryl Ramsey said.

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Assistant District Attorney Ponzt insisted this case wasn't about Darrell Williams, but what he did to these two ladies

"These two ladies are the victims here," she said.

Williams' attorneys say they will appeal the conviction in order to clear his name and get him off the sex offender list.