Drugs, Weapons, Counterfeit Cash Seized In Bust In SW OKC

Friday, October 19th 2012, 7:20 pm
By: News 9

Police made a big bust in southwest Oklahoma City, retrieving guns, drugs, ammunition and counterfeit money.

Officers raided the home near SW 10th and Penn hoping to take gang members off the streets. Police say the entire operation happened in front children.

During the search, officers pulled three kids out of the home where known gang members, Nora and Daniel Meneses were housing marijuana, cocaine and meth.

"It was quite a little operation they had set up in there," said OKCPD Master Sgt. Gary Knight.

Police say the couple also had more than $600 in fake $20 bills, and the equipment to make more.

Adrian Andrews, Special Agent in Charge for the Secret Service in Oklahoma City is not speaking specifically to this case, but says they pull $5,000 in counterfeit cash off Oklahoma City streets each week.

"The $20 bill is very common," said Andrews.

Generally speaking, Andrews says it's also not unusual to find counterfeit operations tied to drug activity.

"With drug dealers they are also trading or bartering in counterfeit currency, they will say ‘I will buy so many drugs with this counterfeit money,' letting both parties know that it's counterfeit," Andrews said.

Police say the couple also had counterfeit insurance verification cards in the home.

"This is certainly a win-win for us and society. You get these drugs off the streets, the weapons off the streets and the counterfeit money off of the streets and you get the bad guys behind bars," Knight said.

Nora and Daniel Meneses now face a laundry list of charges including possession in front of a child.