MWC Man Accused Of Killing Probation Officer Will Go To Trial

Friday, October 26th 2012, 1:35 pm
By: News 9

A man accused of shooting and killing a probation officer in Midwest City will go to trial.

Several witnesses, including a Midwest City Police Lieutenant, testified against 21-year-old Lester Kinchion, who is accused of killing probation officer, 32-year-old Jeff McCoy, on May 18 in Midwest City.

Police say Kinchion killed McCoy when the probation officer arrived at Kinchion's home to see his roommate for a probation and parole visit. During the preliminary hearing on Friday, a judge has decided that they have enough evidence against Kinchion, and he will go to trial.

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Witnesses testified Kinchion beat McCoy unconscious and then used the officer's gun to shoot him once in the head.

"It's been a tragic shock overall", said Carrie Croy, supervisor for the Central District Community Corrections Team.

A Midwest City Police Lieutenant testified during the hearing as well. He said he found McCoy down on the ground when he arrived at the scene of the shooting on May 18. The officer said he noticed McCoy was wearing a wedding ring.

Authorities say on the day of the murder, Kinchion fired several shots at police officers who arrived, but surrendered 30 minutes later. Police say they had to taser him while taking him into custody because he wasn't following directions.

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The Lieutenant also testified that a police car camera shows a bullet fired at officers who surrounded Kinchion while trying to arrest him.

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One dozen of the victim's fellow parole officers and family all listened to the witnesses describe Kinchion fighting McCoy in the street near a home where he planned to meet up with a different person.

One witnesses said she tried to break up the fight until Kinchion showed a gun. Then another witness testified Kinchion waved the gun at the woman and then shot McCoy. 

The court also heard testimony revealing after the murder Kinchion hid inside a home surrounded by officers and police dash cam video captured Kinchion fire a shot at officers through a window of the home.

The testimony shed details of a murder that were difficult for the victim's loved ones to hear.

"It's been a tragic loss for all of us and definitely an eye opener in some experiences to what we do," said Croy.


The defense pointed to inconsistencies in some of the witnesses' statements, but the defense and prosecutors declined to comment on the case at this time. Prosecutors told the court they intend to seek the death penalty.

Kinchion is due back in court on Nov. 7.