Chickasha Daycare Worker Arrested, Accused Of Child Abuse

Friday, October 26th 2012, 11:09 pm
By: News 9

A daycare worker is behind bars Friday night, accused of child abuse.

Police started investigating Kaitlyn Murphy after a 1-year-old boy ended up in the hospital with a fractured arm. The details in the affidavit are quite disturbing.

The accused admits she has an anger problem and the alleged abuse is all caught on camera.

"That's what hurts me as a mother. He has no voice. He was is trying to tell me something and can't do nothing about it cause I didn't know what was happening," Desira Gwin said.

Gwin said when Gunner went from Wee Care's infant room to the 1-year-old room in September month, his teacher and behavior changed.

Last Thursday, she got a startling message from the school. The doctor told her what happened to Gunner's arm was no accident.

"In the X-ray it's a spiral fracture, you can tell. It's literally a spiral," Gwin said.

Murphy admitted to police [that] when she gets mad, she will forget what happens, that she has anger problems.

"We have been operating this daycare for nine years and this I the first time we have had a serious incident," said Pastor Paul Knight of the First Assembly of God, which is affiliated with the school.

"They sent balloons. He genuinely does feel bad. He can't help that they got a bad apple, but a girl like that should not be back at all," Gwin said.

The school has video surveillance in all classrooms. Knight said Wee Care has 80 kids and 18 workers.

According to the affidavit, Murphy knew exactly how to avoid nursery surveillance, stating that she "walks towards corner of the room that is particularly out of camera view [and] drops [a] mat on the floor with Gunner on it."

Since Murphy was arrested, Gwin feels comfortable with her kids returning to Wee Care, but urges the administration to watch the surveillance tapes often.

It will take Gunner's arm six weeks to heal.