Family Of Missing Weatherford Teen Starts Petition For 'JaRay Alert'

Monday, November 12th 2012, 5:45 pm
By: News 9

A Weatherford teenager has been missing for four weeks now. Investigators warned 16-year-old JaRay Wilson could be in danger and was possibly sold into human trafficking. The family says predicament shows a need for a new alert system.

"Every day is the same day, it will get dark and light, but it's all just one long, long day," Jara Wilson said.

Wilson and her husband Rodney are leading search efforts for their missing daughter. The search has spread far and wide but the family didn't get the kind of help an amber alert could have provided. Now they are not only trying to make a difference for their daughter, but future victims.

"No kids need to go through this and no parent needs to go through this," Rodney Wilson said.

The Wilsons have handed out dozens of bumper stickers, at least 500 t-shirts, and more than 20,000 missing posters.

Investigators suspect Wilson may have been sold into human trafficking, but her case did not meet the criteria for an amber alert in part because the request from investigators came two weeks late.

"If they would have had some other kind of alert then maybe my baby would be home right now," Jara Wilson said.

Wilson cried as she explained why the family is collecting signatures in an online petition, asking lawmakers to create a Jaray Alert, an alert that would not discriminate on age, prior history, or how long the person has been missing.

The Wilsons say they are not only putting the state on alert about their missing child, but also a potential problem with the system.

"If it saves one more kid, it's worth it and I don't want anyone to go through what we've gone through," Rodney Wilson said.

At last check, more than 600 signatures were on the petition

You can sign the petition here

You can help by picking up a shirt, bumper sticker, or fliers at 202 E. Main St. in Weatherford.