Oklahomans Hit The Stores For Black Friday Deals

Friday, November 23rd 2012, 11:10 am
By: News 9

Many Oklahoma shoppers hit the stores across the metro as they are open for this year's big Black Friday specials and deals.

Consumers hitting the stores for Black Friday are calling this year "anti-climactic." Experts say with so many stores opening on Thanksgiving day, Black Friday shopping isn't what it used to be.

Still, the average shopper is expected to spend more than $700 on gifts, cards, and decoration this holiday.

The National Retail Federation says spending is expected to jump nearly four percent from a year ago.

Hundreds of girls couldn't wait to step foot in Victoria's Secret Thursday night. As soon as the gate opened, the girls flooded the store at Woodland Hills Mall in Tulsa.

Reports say that customers even knocked down some sales associates to get to the merchandise.

There were so many people in line that some people waited outside the store, because there wasn't enough room inside.

Caught On Video: Mayhem At Tulsa Victoria's Secret On Black Friday

The Outlet Shoppes At Oklahoma City has been open to Black Friday Shoppers all night.

It opened its doors at midnight. Some people who came out at midnight say these new late night hours are a bit much.

"I think the typical black Friday hours we're good enough. I don't think they need to take away from people's thanksgiving," one consumer said.

The people we talked to told us parking was just fine, and the shops weren't as crowded as they thought they would be.

Black Friday Safety Tips:

While some shopped, others offered shopping safety tips.

The Fraternal Order of Police in Oklahoma City says customers should avoid carrying large amounts of cash while they're shopping.

Also, make sure you lock up your vehicle and don't leave any valuables in sight.

If you have to, be sure to lock up shopping bags in the trunk of your car. There's also this advice about shopping online:

"If you do online shopping it'd be better to use a credit card than a debit card. Debit card gives direct access to your bank account," said Mark Nelson, with the Oklahoma City Fraternal Order of Police.

As of 10 a.m. Friday, no major crimes or fights have been reported in local stores and malls.

What Not To Buy On Black Friday:

According to a new report from CBS Money Watch, there are certain things you should avoid buying on Black Friday.

1. Toys. 

Experts say "without a "must-have" toy this season, many toys will see deep discounts within two weeks of Christmas.

2. HDTVs. 

If you really want the big name, wait until after the New Year, when stores mark down older models to make room for the new ones due in spring.

3. iPad mini. 

Be aware that the iPad mini is fairly close to the iPad 2, and that's the version that is likely to price cuts on Black Friday.

4. Jewelry. 

The worst time to buy these items is the holiday season and Valentine's Day, when demand peaks. Save the purchase of these items for the spring and summer, when the best deals occur.

5. Winter clothes.

Unless you really need that winter coat or scarf, wait until January, when winter apparel goes into the clearance bins.

Shop At Local Stores This Weekend:

Black Friday is the traditional shopping day, but local stores want you to stop by this weekend.Shopping at local stores keeps your money close to home.

More than 70 percent of the money you spend will stay in the local economy. That means better jobs at better wages for employees, better schools and better state services.