Caught On Tape: Thief Steals Christmas Package From Front Porch Of Norman Home

Friday, December 14th 2012, 10:05 pm
By: News 9

A metro man says a thief walked up and stole a fed ex package right off his front porch. The package was full of Christmas gifts. But the accused thief left behind a big clue.

Although it was upsetting, the man says he is pretty confident he will catch the thief, because the Grinch who stole his mom's Christmas gifts is caught on camera.

When a scheduled Fed-Ex package didn't arrive on time, Scott Bedigrew began to investigate.

"I looked and it said it was delivered, so I immediately went to the computer, so I looked at the video," Bedigrew said.

In broad daylight, a car boldly pulled into his driveway as if they are a guest visiting. Then a woman gets out and as she rounds the corner, she appears to look up as if she is looking for s security camera, then glances back and swipes the package.

But she missed this. Bedigrew installed the inconspicuous camera more than a year ago.

"I can check it on my phone but the only time I ever use it is to see if my kids are out playing or something like that," Bedigrew said.

The camera and app helped him catch the crime on tape. The $60 package shipped from Amazon is gone. He says what he lost is more valuable.

"Just the trust you have in humanity and to see that it actually does happen you," he said.

The surveillance video helped police come up with a detailed description of car and the woman, if you recognize her call Norman police.

There is some good news to this story. Amazon will replace the rare book collection and ornate candle Scott lost in that theft.